Batman Bane Mask Replica for Batman the Dark Knight Rises prop-UPDATED version

August 9, 2013 - Comment

Bane Mask Replica for Batman the Dark Knight Rises Costume Including: one mask Size: This mask is sized to fit most adults and older children; Product Features Bane Mask Replica for Batman the Dark Knight Rises Prop Including: one mask Material:Latex Rubber Size: This mask is sized to fit most adults and older children; Standard

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M. Smith says:

Dissapointed at first but Sky Costume came through EDIT: I received my replacement mask from Sky Costume today and I was very pleased with what I saw. The new mask is much more flexible and higher quality than the first one. The paint job is better and it looks exactly like the one in the photo. Sky Costume was quick at sending me a replacement. Is it worth $80.00? I don’t think any mask is worth that much, but if you want to look like Bane and not spend a ton of money on the custom made $200+ masks on eBay, this is the next best thing. Much better than the Bane masks available at Party City or Hot Topic. Overall, very pleased with Sky Costume and their handling of the replacement.PREVIOUS REVIEW: Just got this mask in the mail for Halloween and was very disappointed. It looks nothing like the one in the photo. In fact, it is only one step above the mask you get at Ruby’s or any Hot Topic. The paint job was horrible and I will probably need to buy silver paint to do touch up work. This was NOT worth the $79.99…

Nate says:

Skycostumes amazing Customer service. I’m editing this because of the amazing and I really mean amazing customer service its like midnight in hong kong and I get a call from SkyCostume telling me they they made a honest mistake and that they where sorry and that a new one was coming in the mail. Hopefully my previous statement will be wrong for the second one. anyone wanting to buy this probably should cause after talking with someone from the company I think if they do have a hiccup they will take care of it… Got the mask today and it’s pretty good and I’m glad.

Robby says:

Disappointed at first but good Customer Service UPDATED REVIEW: After I wrote this review, Skycostume contacted me and stated that they were very sorry that they had mistakenly sent out defective items. Unfortunatly one of those defective items was sent to me. Skycostume promised me that they would correct the problem. They promised they would send me a NEW NON-DEFECTIVE ITEM at no charge. I will update my review once I recieve the replacement item. Skycostume has Great Customer Service. I am really glad I wrote this review because it caught the attention of the seller and prompted them to correct the issue right away.FIRST REVIEW: Upon receiving the package I opened it up and when I saw the mask I felt robbed! This is a piece of garbage. It doesn’t look at like what is shown on the picture, the silicone is very hard, when i tried it on it cut off the circulation to my face. The description said it fit most adults, but that is complete bull! I had previously ordered a costume from party city that included the mask and i…

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