Disguise Men’s Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man Theatrical Adult Costume

September 11, 2014 - Comment

One full bodysuit with pair of web shooters and character hood Product Features Features a gel spider patch on chest Authentic theatrical quality costume Official Marvel Licensed Costume Check Out These Halloween CostumesLegend of Zelda Funny Adult Costume For Men Prime – liquidation PriceSpooktacular Creations Inflatable Dinosaur Riding a T-REX Deluxe Costume Adult SizeFootlong Hotdog

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William S McCain III says:

Some pros, some cons, but overall a winner! First off, the styling and quality of the materials are excellent. This is pretty much the first commercially-available (non-customized) costume for sale that makes any attempt at “big screen Spidey” accuracy or details. Face it, pretty much every Spider-Man costume out there looks like a cheap pair of pajamas with no effort made to reproduce what you see on the big screen–which has always surprised me, since the suit is only fabric and it wouldn’t be much more expensive to “get…

Brandon Schwarz says:

It’s worth $145, best licensed Spidey! I used to sell Spider-Man costumes at a Halloween store that I managed for years, so I’ve seen them all. This is by far the best licensed Spider-Man costume I’ve ever seen. I’m 6′ 155lbs and the medium fits AMAZING (see what I did there?) The only areas that I find too large would be the wrists and ankles, it’s sort of tube like in those areas and not as elastic as the picture. The mask is TIGHT, I hear threads snapping when I put it on and the 3D lenses press hard against the face, sort of…

Joseph says:

Definitely what I expected!! There are already in-depth reviews here, so I’ll make mine short: I love this costume. The feel is amazing and I will do my very best to take care of this costume. You absolutely feel like Spider-Man. Disguise really outdid themselves this time, with the exception of the few problems I have with the costume.My problems include:The Zipper: Everyone else already established problems with the zipper. If the zipper continues to be troublesome, I may see if I can get it redone at a…

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