InCharacter Costumes Men’s Plus Size Viking Warrior

August 27, 2016 - Comment

Tunic with celtic trim accents and attached chainmail sleeves with fur gauntlets Product Features Vinyl helmet, fur boot covers, belt with celtic buckle, and cape with celtic trim accents and medallions Pants and toy sword not included Check Out These Halloween CostumesAMSCAN Darling Bee Halloween Costume for Women, Plus Size, with Included AccessoriesOrange Prisoner Costume

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kyle says:

Overall great costume A couple things need to be mentioned first the helmet is super flimsy like a rubber mask and you have to attach the horns yourself. They go sideways not up like in the picture, which im sure I can modify. the cape is not the color as shown its light grey like the fur which does kind of shed a little. All that being said it is a great costume, the materials in the tunic and cape are top notch all metal clasps and chains. the size was as described in the sizing chart. you will get warm in this…

John Jacobs says:

Better than expected! I inspected the costume as soon as I received it. The quality of the material and the stitching were above my expectations. It matched the product description in all details. The packaging was very nice as well, arriving in a special hanging bag that fit the clothing very well. Thanks for the great costume. Halloween this year will be much more fun because of this purchase.

Gene S. says:

Best at the party, just watch the hat! Costume was very complete except for pants, black sweats worked perfectly. The hat left lots to be desired. It’s thick vinyl and you press the horns into cutouts in each side. They stay in, but barely, one horn was lost by nights end. The cap part despite being heated and shaped did not stay round but flattened out as it was packaged and was extremely extremely hot. It was holding sweat in so profusely when I removed it after 3 hours it was like watching an ice bucket challenge, just poured…

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