Despicable Me 2 Gru Mask and Other Costumes are Hot

July 16, 2013 - Comment

Gru makes his return in the amazing new movie Despicable Me 2. Now is the time to start planning your Gru Halloween Costume and we have the mask and costume to help you become the best Gru ever this year for Halloween.

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Starting where the last movie left off, the once-evil Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) is now a kinder, gentler dad to the three girls who assisted him and changed his bad habits. His minions are now making making jams and jellies and Dr. Nefario is aiming to find a real job.

Gru, however, is hopeless when it pertains to dating and cannot quite figure out the best way to help Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) when she reveals an interest in a restaurant owner’s son.

And the minions? They’re sucked in when a wicked man gets the serum and starts shooting away. In seconds they change calm yellow cylinders to wild purple lunatics.

Don’t forget about  Agnes who is simply as sweet as ever in this fantastic movie. The youngest of 3, Agnes provides her charming innocence and humorous comments in  a way that only she can do. This Halloween, your kid can dress up with this cute Agnes costume!



Lastly, there are the MINIONS! There’s no doubt that these funny talking, characters are what make Despicable Me 2 great. These adorable little creatures get a bigger part of the limelight in this follow up and captivate us again. It’s not surprising that that they are already among the top costume ideas of the year! We must confess that the amazing-new minion costumes are among the hottest costumes for 2013 and with styles for the entire household, everyone can get crazy!


With the popularity that this movie is experiencing, you’re sure to score significant points dressed in one of these cool costumes!


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