Underwraps Women’s Thief

January 14, 2016 - Comment

Break into the costume party and steal the show. This breathable zip front jumpsuit with attached arm straps, utility belt with pouches and jewel bag come complete with a mask to hide your secret identity. Product Features Under wraps High quality costumes presented by under wraps costumes Check Out These Halloween CostumesUHC Boy’s Teen 3D

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Jessica Wackes says:

Quality 0

Anonymous says:

**WARNING: It does give you a camel toe.** I fixed it by wearing stockings underneath the outfit. The belt for the waist and arm belts didn’t fit. I was able to cut off the arm belts though without ruining the pleather. AS for the belt around the waist, I just used a different belt for my costume. I went as Storm from X-men. Got tons of compliments. Material has some stretch to it. Not overaly hot, was comfortable. Leg length stopped just before my ankles. I am 5 ft 6 inches. Arm length wasn’t…

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