Disguise Costumes Captain America Avengers Theatrical Adult Costume, Red/White/Blue, X-Large

August 9, 2013 - Comment

Marvel’s avengers movie Product Features Jumpsuit pair of gloves with sewn-on gauntlet covers vinyl utility belt pair of boot covers and vinyl mask for Adults

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Jake says:

Talk about Quality!! This costume was so very close to reaching a 5 star review that it is not even funny. It arrives perfectly packaged in a plastic garment bag with a nice little pocket on the inside for all of the accessories. The costume literally looks EXACTLY as pictured, minus the shield with all of the details shown. I absolutely love it, and it got more than a few compliments at the various parties I attended.Now onto the negatives. The Velcro spot that holds the neck in place comes undone very easily, and required a safety pin for me to keep it shut the whole way for lengthy periods of time. The hood that comes seperate from the costume is way too loose, and so is the mask, but who keeps a mask on for a whole party anyways? in fact, a lot of halloween parties don’t even allow you to wear a mask anymore, which I suppose is understandable. The boot covers are great quality, but if you don’t have extremely muscular calves, they will slump down. Aside from these few minor annoyances…

Anonymous says:

So I am one of the biggest Captain America fans there is and one of the only things I didn’t have was the costume. I ordered this one just because it looked the best and it was expensive (I payed about $190.00 for it). Now the costume does leave a few things to be desired. It only comes in XL and XXL, and I’m 17, weigh 150, and about 5’10”, so this costume was very big in some places. The belt and the wrist guards were easily sewn to be smaller. The gloves are MASSIVE though and I actually cut them up and resewed them to make them the correct size. The mask is pretty low quality for a high quality costume. If you have the money I would suggest buying the $50.00 one right here on Amazon, but if not the mask isn’t TOO bad. Anyway the Cap doesn’t wear his mask too often anyway. If you are willing to put the work into it to “customize” it a little and making it your size I highly recommend this costume. You won’t get the same quality in any other Captain suit. You will truly be looked at…

Anonymous says:

For the price this is a pretty good Captain America costume. The quality for the body suit is top notch and it feels rather fine on your body but I do have some grievances with the costume. For how great the bodysuit is the neck piece comes undone rather easily due to the velcro. As mentioned in a previous review it can remedied using a safety pin. The vinyl gauntlets and boot covers look a bit cheap to me and the gauntlets are flimsy. The gloves are horrible and I would recommend that you find another pair of gloves that work well with the costume. The mask looks alright though the cowl is too baggy even after tucking it into your body suit. The mask is made out of vinyl so keep that in mind when you use it because it won’t breath well and won’t let any hot air out. Find a better mask if you can. Try to get a pair of boots that work rather well with this costume instead of using the boot covers. I would recommend getting some alterations done to the bodysuit so it fits your body well…

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