Spider-Man Adult Halloween Costume

July 6, 2013 - Comment

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Edward Vertigo "Eddie Vertigo" says:

gloves Year after year they never, EVER have an adult Spider-Man costume that includes gloves and boots. Is it really that difficult to include those as well? I mean, come on!

Big Johnson says:

great, but kind small.. Ok, so I got this in plenty of time for halloween this year. I’m a soldier in Iraq, and when the people in my company got a sight of me in skin tight spandex.. well.. hilarity ensued.. I would definately recommend a jock strap and cup, because I had to place my junk in a sock so that there would be no genital definition.. wife made me 🙂 I’m about 6’2, and the costume was way too short for me.. but it’d be good for the average guy of 5’9, or 5’10.. but for the laughs I got, it was totally worth the $30.. seeing as I won $50 in our costume contest.. there was a little danving involved, had to shake my stuff.. and until you see a tall, skinny white guy shakin his groove thing in a skin tight spiderman costume.. well.. you just haven’t lived..

mamaduck says:

mamaduck A one time, maybe 2 uses you will get as the fabric is inferior; has many “runs” – like in your nylon stockings, so there is no repairing that can be done to it. Seems to be made the same as a childs’ costume only bigger? For an adult we expected it would have been manufactured with a higher quality fabric/design.

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